Tovább az eszköztárra

I love the nature, the seasons, the colours, how my daughter laugh, hold my head in my husband hand. I love the spring forest, the cold sea in summer time, the numb silent in winter vibes. I love to sleep in my hammock, to paint, to draw, to renovate furnitures. I love the sea, the smell of good coffee, my childhood Italy. I love Neatherlands canals, american breakfast, tiles on portugese houses, the mountains of Norway, the colours of Mexico, my sweet Barcelona. I love the colorful world, my backpack on my back. I love the special forms, the harmonic colour. I love to write, to cut, to stick, to redesign, to whittle, to change perspective. I love the smell of lake Balaton, roll on my longboard, my little dog. I love my life, my family and i admire the world around me. Every.Day.Gift

I’m an illustrator, writer, artist and creative mind, currently based in Hugary. We are living a zero waste lifestyle (produce less trash) with my family and trying to save our planet. This is my leading phylosophy! I combine my three passion – nature, art and zero waste – in my art works, graphics, writings, illustrations and designs. You can find my extraordinary recipes aswell! I try to show alternatives for everyone and share my passion for life and nature!

Laura Lagom